The Argument Addict
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Do you like to argue? Do you have an opinion? Do you like debating? Are you interested in how people argue or present arguments? Then this is the podcast for you. Join me, the Argument Addict as we take a look a lot of different arguments in different forms and from different mediums.


"We can't breathe" Part 1
2021 Mar 0127m 25s
Join me for the first part of an analysis of Leslie Thomas QC's opening speech on 7th July 2020 to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry panel.
To Trial or Not to trial
2021 Feb 2244m 2s
The world was captivated by the second impeachment of Donald Trump after 6th Jan 2021 and so join the Argument addict as we dive into the opening speech made by Trump's defense lawyer Michael Van Der Veen on whether the trial should go ahead. Be warned it's the first episode - a little rough and ready.
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