Say Yes to Life
  • Lauren Carlos
3 episodes
We are a fitness community on a mission to IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE. Each week we sit down for a 30 minute conversation with an expert in the health and fitness industry with CrossFit as our main focus. We believe that life is a TEAM SPORT - not a spectator sport - and we want to help you work HARD and SMART in the gym so you can be successful doing the things you want to do outside the gym.

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Credits: Music by Jacob Carlos; Artwork by Bart Griffin and Cody Looney; Digital Media Consulting by Keaton Averman


Episode 3: Who, What, Where, When, and Why to do the 2021 CrossFit Open - with Casey Campbell
2021 Feb 2828m 9s
Host Lauren Carlos interviews CrossFit Games athlete and mindset coach Casey Campbell all about the CrossFit Open, the largest participatory sporting event in history. Who is eligible? Where can you sign up? What does it entail? Most importantly, hear...
Episode 2: What Even is Fitness?
2021 Feb 2130m 32s
How would you define "fitness"? Host Lauren Carlos interviews owner and CEO Cody Looney about the definition and four different models of "fitness" and how it applies to your everyday life within and beyond the gym. CrossFit Journal: What is Fitness and...
Episode 1: The Meaning of "Say Yes to Life" with Cody Looney
2021 Feb 1136m 17s
You've seen it on the website. You've seen the Instagram hashtags. You've probably seen the huge banner at the gym. But what exactly do we mean by "say YES to life?" Host Lauren Carlos interviews owner and CEO of CrossFit Advantage, Cody Looney, about what that phrase means, where it came from, and how to live it in action every day. Mental Health Resources: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255