• Blake Wm. Halladay
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An audio companion podcast to the book, "ascend", by Blake Wm. Halladay. Learn self-discovery, self-love, and self-compassion, all while learning to love life and find peace and joy right here, right now. Learn more at Thank you. Support this podcast:


Episode 8 - Failure, A Requirement for Growth
2021 Feb 119m 38s
Have you ever considered that failure is actually a requirement for growth? What does that actually mean?
Episode 7 - Becoming Enough By Not Being Enough
2021 Feb 117m 22s
This is a beautiful concept on how to let the Lord work miracles in your life. By understanding that you are not enough, you actually end up becoming enough.
Episode 6 - Forgiving Yourself - What Is Forgiveness Anyway?
2020 Jun 1719m 16s
When you have been hurt, or betrayed, the most important person you need to forgive, is yourself.  What does that mean?  Why is that important?  We talk about it in this episode.
Episode 5 - How to Heal a Broken Heart
2020 Jun 0825m 9s
This episode is more in depth and possibly a little more raw for some of you.  Are you suffering from a broken heart?  Do you intimately know the feeling of betrayal?  Are you feeling controlled by the pain you carry?  There's really only one way out, only one path to freedom.  We talk about it more in depth in this episode.
Episode 4 - God's Will? Agency.
2020 Jun 0811m 23s
How many times have you asked what does God want you to do?  What is His will for you in this life?  It's agency.  He wants you to make choices, to own your own power, to control your own life.  Then together, He will lift you to heights you never thought possible.  But it all starts with you.  See more at
Episode 3 - God's Works In You
2020 Jun 0812m 15s
This episode/page is all about seeing life through a completely different set of lenses and coming to understand that everything that happens in your life is for a higher purpose.
Episode 2 - Self-Acceptance
2020 Jun 0611m 29s
This page is really about self-acceptance.  It's about understanding that all things serve a greater purpose and that you were created exactly the way God needed and wanted you to be created.  Everything about you is meant to shine.  What are you hiding?  Why are you not letting your beauty shine?
Episode 1 - Introduction
2020 Jun 066m 47s
A quick introduction to the ascend:higher podcast, an audio companion to the book ascend, by Blake Wm. Halladay.  You don't need the book in order to follow along in the podcast, but it definitely helps to have it.  The book, ascend, is available now on
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