Accidental Care Partners
  • Wanda Brady Purcell
10 episodes
Whether you are caring for a child, sibling, parent or friend, caregiving is hard. This podcast is here to help you learn what you need to know, including tips, for helping you cope along the journey.


Episode 4h – 24 Hour Daily Activity Log
2021 Feb 234m 31s
Getting down to the nitty gritty of day-to-day caregiving.
Episode 4g – Advance Directives and HPOA
2021 Feb 231m 54s
An introduction to important documents you will need. There will be a future episode dedicated to these in more detail.
Episode 4f.3 – Fidget Busters
2021 Feb 2311m 40s
Ideas for curbing fidgeting behaviors.
Episode 4f.2 – Music and Headphones
2021 Feb 234m 23s
How to use music and television effectively and comfortably.
Episode 4f.1 – Non-Emergency 911 and Med Planners
2021 Feb 236m 1s
911 is not just for emergencies.
Episode 4e – Signs or Symptoms of Common Issues
2021 Feb 234m 10s
Warning signs that might signal trouble is coming!
Episode 4d – Observations or Q&A for Doctor’s Visit
2021 Feb 222m 52s
Preparing for your next doctor’s visit. A place to keep your questions as you think of them.
Episode 4c – List of Physicians, Pharmacies & Medications
2021 Feb 223m 51s
ACP List of Physicians Tip SheetDownload
Episode 4b – Collecting the List of Care Givers
2021 Feb 223m 26s
So you know who to call!
Episode 4a – Setting Up the Tool Kit
2021 Feb 223m 21s
Laying the foundation, starting with your binder and calendar.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.