Alcohol You Later Podcast
  • Jamie McClure, Brea Baca & Megan Pickett
3 episodes
When life gets crazy, you grab a drink and call your girls, this Podcast is just that! Three best friends talking about life, love, hardships and so much more!


Downstairs Bathroom, Butt Butter & Lotion...
2021 Feb 191h 1m 8s
On this episode of Alcohol You Later Jamie, Megan & Brea dive into some firsts and how to navigate through different steps of relationships. Sound the Alarm!! The Briefed by Brea segment is finally here! She covers the infamous "Farming Brittany Spears" documentary and they all discuss their takeaways of the situation. We hope you enjoy! Cheers!
One Night Stands > Heart Necklace Fans
2021 Feb 1335m 12s
Happy Valentine's Day! This episode of Alcohol You Later dives a little bit into dating, getting back out there and of course V-day! This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these conversations! (NSFOM aka this episode is Not Safe For OUR Moms!)
I Now Pronounce You Sister Wives
2021 Feb 1135m 7s
Alcohol You Later Podcast’s first episode is finally here!! So call your girlfriends let them know, grab a drink and have a listen. On this episode we introduce ourselves, talk about how we met and give you an idea of what we want this podcast to be. Aka it’s a little love fest of our friendship! Hope you all enjoy, subscribe and share! Cheers!
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