Hair-Raising Narratives
  • Hair-Raiser
6 episodes
Hair-Raising Narratives is a podcast comprising of original scary stories, told from the first-person point of view. All stories are grounded in the realm of possibility, to a degree. If you're interested in submitting a story for this podcast, visit our website at


House in the Middle of the Woods
2021 Feb 2414m 47s
A woman's dog runs off while walking in the woods. She finds him in an abandoned house. The only problem is it may not be abandoned after all.
The Radio
2021 Feb 1717m 27s
A woman begins to hear messages from the future from her radio station. This results in her getting into a cycle of gambling with her husband.
An Unstable House
2021 Feb 1114m
A young boy's family moves into a new house in another state. His hopes for a stable life vanish when he begins to notice the strange ways in which the house is affecting members of his family.
The Cursed Ring
2021 Feb 1113m 50s
A young couple move into a new house and discover hidden treasure under the floorboards. Unfortunately, they begin to experience some negative consequences associated with their newfound wealth.
La Lechuza (The Owl Witch)
2021 Feb 1119m 50s
A young boy recounts his experience growing up in a remote village in Mexico. Specifically, one interaction with a strange woman the villagers accuse of being an owl witch. His doubts on the authenticity of owl witches are challenged when he experiences...
The Psychology of the Cult Experience
2021 Feb 1122m 16s
A woman recounts a traumatic event from her childhood. She loves hearing stories of her aunt's youth as a psychologist studying cults. Her aunt's passion however, tuns into an obsession.