Chatty Maddie & Her Plus One
  • Maddie Schock
4 episodes
Chatty Maddie chats with all the plus ones in her life. Tune in to the different personalities and stories of those who live around Maddie...who chats a lot.


Chatty Maddie & Her Plus One (Billy Billz)
2021 Feb 2027m 37s
My B.I.L. (Brother-in-Law) is in the “studio” this Saturday morning. We chat about where we met, SBS all nighters, getting married at 21, and looking like a cherubim from Ezekiel. Billy is now the new record holder of most shoutouts given.
Chatty Maddie & Her Plus One (Michael)
2021 Feb 1437m 33s
I’m back, and chatty as ever! This episode I get to interview my husband, Michael. We dive into Michael’s favorite board games, Michael’s love of lederhosen, and our jobs in California. A record number of shoutouts are given in this episode... listen in to see if one of them is for you. 😉
Chatty Maddie & Her Plus One (Jordy)
2021 Feb 1017m 19s
Welcome to Chatty Maddie & Her Plus One Podcast! Maddie’s sister Jordy starts off maybe the first and last podcast episode with talk about vision boards, birth order, cats, and self start ups. Subscribe, and maybe you’ll get a notification about another episode soon! Check out Jordy’s self startup here:
Chatty Maddie 411
2021 Feb 0923s
Listen in on the conversations, hub bub, and scuttlebutt going around with Chatty Maddie & Her Plus One(s).
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