Agape Ireland - A Study In The Psalms
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4 episodes
Students in Ireland discussing the bible and the message of Jesus. A fun and engaging podcast for all who are intrigued by the teachings of Jesus and desire to discover if his life and message has any relevance to us today.


Psalm 77 - Despair
2021 Feb 2429m 50s
A conversation led by Chloe focusing on Psalm 77, a Psalm written by Asaph with despair being the central theme. Where is God in our despair?
Psalm 68 - Judgement & War
2021 Feb 1741m 26s
A conversation based on Psalm 68 in which David attributes his many victories in war to God. God and war? Whats the story there? The Imagery and poetic language used by King David in the Psalm is discusssed as he describes Gods judgement and involvement...
Psalm 41 - Jesus In The Psalms
2021 Feb 1039m 19s
A conversation centred on the presence of Jesus in Psalm 41. Can Jesus truly be found in the Old Testament?
Psalm 32 - Come
2021 Feb 0335m 56s
As a part of our 'Study in the Psalms' we take a look at how David sought the Lord for forgiveness from adultery and murder. Is there any sin too big for God to forgive?