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Kelly Sutton has been making connections in Nashville for 20 years. Talking to Dolly, Emcee-ing Carrie Underwood's book launch and hosting the Country Music Association's Red Carpet are just a few of the bucketlist items Kelly has accomplished. Now she is taking the conversations to the next level. How did your favorite artists get connected to music? How did they get connected in the industry? How do they connect to their family and fans? What makes them feel connected? The world is much smaller than we think. Now we are digging to find out how we are all connected.


Connected with Kelly - Shy Carter steps into the Spotlight
2021 Feb 2316m 13s
You may not know his name but I am CERTAIN you are familiar with at least one of Shy Carter's songs.... "Someday" - Rob Thomas "Stuck Like Glue"- Sugarland  "It Don't Hurt Like it Used To" - Billy Currington "Speak to a Girl" -  Tim McGraw and Faith Hill "Heaven"  and "Good As You"  - Kane Brown and the massive hit  "One Call Away"  with Charlie Puth.  Shy has been making music for years, but now he is front and center as the  artist. Signed to Warner Nashville, Carter just released "Good Love" and has more music on the way. So why would an uber-successful songwriter want to be an artist?   We find out in this episode of Connected with Kelly!
Connected with Kelly - Having fun with Annie F. Downs
2021 Feb 1528m 38s
What sounds fun to you? Really fun?  That's one of the questions Annie F. Downs started asking on her podcast nearly 7 years ago.  Now she has a brand new book that goes by the same name as her podcast "That Sounds Fun!"  This is the 8th book for Annie. We dive into why we all are chasing our fun, why we should all be amateurs at something, and why hobbies are so important. So let's have some FUN with Annie F. Downs!
Connected with Kelly - Lindsay Ell's new joy, her past pain and how John Mayer shaped her music.
2021 Feb 1139m 52s
Lindsay Ell.  You may know here as the female guitar phenom.  Or as the Canadian Country Singer / Songwriter.  Or maybe as the artist who covered John Mayer's Continuum album front to back. Or maybe you've found Lindsay because of the stories she shared this past year.  She opened up about being a survivor of sexual abuse when she was younger. No matter how you've discovered Lindsay Ell, chances are you have fallen in love with her.  She is an incredible artist, songwriter and musician.  And she has a new love in her life!  She tells us all about it in this episode of Connected with Kelly.   If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual abuse the phone number for help is 1-800-656-4673. Lindsay Ell's "Make You" Movement Fund is a part of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. You can find more information at
Connected With Kelly - The song that changed Old Dominion's Matt Ramsey.
2021 Feb 1123m 11s
Old Dominion is one of the hottest bands in country music.  There is no question. They've won group of the year at the ACM Awards, and CMA Awards and now they are nominated for two Grammy Awards for the song "Some People Do".  We had a chat with lead singer, Matthew Ramsey and found out that song means much more to him than just another nomination - he tells us how that song changed his life. It's an incredibly candid discussion with Matthew about what it means to live the lyrics of a song you helped write. Also find out which Kenny Chesney song paved the way for the band, get a quick tease about new music and find out why Old Dominion Band Camp may now be a thing. It's all included in this episode of Connected with Kelly!
Connected with Kelly - The story behind LBT's "Wine, Beer, Whiskey"
2021 Feb 1116m 28s
If you've heard it you will sing it all day long.  "The Wine, The Beer, The Whiskeyyyyy...."  So how did such a catchy song spill into 2020? What was happening in the room that day when it was written? We got the story on the song AND the TikTok video that almost injured Phillip Sweet's wife while he was shooting it.  Get connected with four of our favorite people - Little Big Town.
Connected with Kelly - Russell Dickerson won 2020.
2021 Feb 1122m 35s
Russell Dickerson had an amazing 2020. There aren't many people who can claim that. He had a baby, released an album and scored two #1 hits. Pretty great, right? We talked about how life with his son Remington has changed who he is and how he listens to his songs.  And find out which song off of Southern Symphony puts Remy to sleep - plus what he is most excited about in 2021!
Connected With Kelly - Little Big Town's Kimberly Schlapman's Christmas miracle
2021 Feb 0919m 57s
There are few people sweeter than Little Big Town's Kimberly Schlapman.  She absolutely exudes kindness. Kimberly has been through a lot of grief in her life.  She lost her first husband to a heart attack and a brother-in-law to a motorcycle accident.  She recently talked about infertility and miscarriages she says were previously "a secret" to almost everyone.  None of these things could steal her joy.  Kimberly's first children's book "A Dolly For Christmas" is out now.  It's the adoption story of her daughter "Dolly" as told through her daughter Daisy's eyes. Kimberly says it was a real-life Christmas miracle and she hopes it will inspire kids and adults to never give up hope.
Connected with Kelly - A 2019 contract saved the Oak Ridge Boys 2020 Christmas Show.
2021 Jan 2219m 59s
The Oak Ridge Boys are Country Music legends. (You're probably singing "Elvira" in your head right now.) As much as they love country music, they are known for their take on Christmas.  They have released 7 different Christmas albums, and for years they have toured in November and December with a huge Christmas show!  Fast forward to 2020. No acts can tour right now. But thanks to an agreement signed in 2019,  the show will go on! Oaks member Joe Bonsall told me all about it,  why they were hesitant to sign it  at first, plus I get the scoop on a new Oak Ridge Boys album produced by Dave Cobb coming in 2021!  Stay Connected With Kelly: #OakRidgeBoys #Christmas
Connected with Kelly - Hit songwriter Luke Dick grew up in a famous Oklahoma City strip club.
2021 Jan 2223m 55s
Red Dog Saloon in Oklahoma City when Luke was young. After he heard his mom tell stories about what happened at the topless bar when she was young,  he turned the camera on her and started to make a documentary. Ten years later, "Red Dog" premiered at SXSW film festival.  Luke also wrote the music for the soundtrack which is available now. He talked to us about making the documentary, what it was like to find out about his parents wild side and how it has impacted who he is today.    Stay Connected With Kelly: #ConnectedWithKelly #lukedick #reddog #documentary
Connected with Kelly - Reconnecting with Dolly Parton. Did she help find a vaccine??
2020 Nov 2013m 15s
The headlines are calling Dolly Parton a saint.  I would have to agree with that.  Well before she donated $1 million dollars to fund research at Vanderbilt University for work on the corona virus, she has been helping thousands of people.  She started the "My People Fund" after fires destroyed part of the Smoky Mountains near her childhood home.  She's been helping children learn how to read for years with her Imagination Library. Check out this conversation I had with her in 2017.  She talks about shining a light during dark times. (HELLO 2020!)  We also talk about what she likes to order on her pizza, her guilty TV pleasure, and singing with Miley Cyrus. If you love "Aunt" Dolly like I do, subscribe and share!  Would you vote for Dolly if she ever ran for office??  #dollyparton#dolly#dollyforpresident#ConnectedWithKelly