• Matthew Dwyer and Tom Kubik
4 episodes
A podcast to explore the often times taboo topics of death, dying, and grief. We offer people a place to gather and listen to others around their experience with death and dying. We aim to encourage and support a healthy relationship with death and to move from a culture of mostly death denial to a community focused on living life more fully alive.


Ethan Sisser - Embodied, Empowered, Ecstatic Living with Brain Cancer
2021 Mar 021h 9m 29s
Embodied. Empowered. Ecstatic; Just as I am. Ethan Sisser delivers a powerful and hopeful message from his hospital room, where he is dealing with the extreme pain of brain cancer and multiple head surgeries. Every day for E3 is a blessing of life, yet each moment is dancing with pain. And through it all he still finds a way to laugh, sing, and share his unique and humble perspective. Friends, we are honored and excited to share this episode. Tune in for an emotional ride through Ethan’s story, listen to his hopes and dreams, and join us in an interactive healing session of loving breaths.
Adriana Rizzolo - Good Grief...No, Really!
2021 Feb 261h
The wound is the way! Adriana has been working with her grief and her wounds as a means to living full power 24 hour. Once Adriana starts she just oozes wisdom. This episode is not for the timid, as we get right into Adrianas work, which is the opposite of avoidance. And at the same time, Adriana has a beautiful way to catch us(you), like a lover about to fall over after a wild dance party, and be with us(you) just as you are; broken, beautiful, complete, and a work in progress. This episode is not to be missed!
Bob Doto - Sitting with Spirits
2021 Feb 1649m 18s
Mysticism through the lens of a Catholic? Bob Dotto, an author, teacher, and high pony cowboy gets back to reclaiming his roots in his unique and practical look at spirit work in his book, Sitting with Spirits. We get to unravel how spirit could have both qualities and still be non dualistic. Come for a ride with us and see how spirit communicates with us through smells, birds, and dreams. Leave with some simple practices on how to honor your ancestors.
Jordana Jacobs - Opening to Love and Death
2021 Feb 0956m 33s
On this episode we have Dr Jordana Jacobs who describes her work around the inseparability of love and death and how the pandemic has changed her work forever.
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