Tin Foil Record
  • Matt Marek
3 episodes
Friends get together to tell down to earth stories from their history as musicians, their lives, and discuss everything from current events to pop culture.


Movies and TV and Streaming, Oh My!
2021 Feb 1947m 26s
Derek, Matt and Dylan discuss what they have been streaming and what they're looking forward to, spanning from Justice League, Marvel, Star Wars, Mortal Kombat, Tiger King and The Boys.
Is This the Real Life? Is This Conspiracy?
2021 Feb 121h 17m 34s
Derek, Matt and Dylan discuss conspiracy theories. Dive into topics such as cursed IllumiNazi airports, Stranger Things, multiverses, aliens, ghosts and more!
Pilot: Getting to Know Us
2021 Feb 0849m 45s
Derek and Matt introduce themselves through stories about their time together in a band, their friendship, bodily fluids, pet suicide, and their dreams!
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.