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  • Little Apostate
12 episodes
Under the pseudonym Little Apostate, a young thought criminal dives into topics that have turned her into an outcast in the eyes of her peers (& got her invited to a lot less parties). Join her as she uncorks some whisky and lets the thought crimes flow. Support this podcast:


012. Taking the Train Down the Rabbit Hole
2021 Feb 2618m 5s
LA talks the NY Times Op Ed piece titled "Don't Go Down the Rabbit Hole", her favorite metaphor, and Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut.
011. Brave New Normal is Taking Off the Mask
2021 Feb 2515m 59s
Little Apostate has taken off her mask (metaphorically), talks dating apps, the new normal, and the death of what makes us human.
010. Getting a Little Personal with Jack Kerouac
2021 Feb 2119m 3s
Little Apostate reads a little Jack Kerouac, talks about her past, and cries--to her shame. She debated posting this, but it's posted. Do with it what you will.
009. On why Ted Cruz wasn't wrong (just an asshole), Marcus Aurelius, and what being a man really means
2021 Feb 2020m 56s
Little Apostate discusses her favorite Marcus Aurelius meditation, her favorite female heroine, and why the outrage against Ted Cruz *fleeing* to Cancun is misplaced.
008. Black Lives Matter but Secoriea Turner's apparently doesn't
2021 Feb 1925m 13s
Little Apostate discusses a run in she had on her walk today, the 30+ deaths from the BLM riots, and why it's ridiculous that viewing those deaths as untraceable (and unimportant) while viewing the Capitol riot as a parallel to 9/11 (and very traceable)--is absolutely insane (and also just a method for politicians to keep their power because that's the only thing they have going for them and they will keep it at all costs).
007. Rush Limbaugh and just how depraved the twitter warriors posthumously taking him down are
2021 Feb 1819m 50s
Little Apostate discusses the sad death of Rush Limbaugh, why it's disturbing and completely unoriginal the way twitter warriors celebrated his death, the cancelling of Chris Harrison, and asks listeners (and the twitter warriors) a question: when death smiles at you, don't you want to be able to smile back?
006. David Hogg opens up a SPITE store against Mike Lindell, Larry David style
2021 Feb 169m 14s
Little Apostate spends her morning giggling and talking about the new "Our Pillow" that David Hogg is partaking in capitalism to erect, and relates his new mad "pillow fight" passion to Larry David's spite store Latte Larrys.
005. The 8 White Identities, The Whiteness Chart, and of course, the Komosol
2021 Feb 1632m 24s
Little Apostate discusses the new list that a principle from the East Side Community School in New York sent out to parents, how it reflects the lists the Komosol pinned to schools, and gets a little anecdotal for fun--and also because she's had whisky. She also pronounces the Komosol "Komoklav" because as she reiterates over and over again--she is not an expert, just a concerned citizen (who is on whisky).
004. On Valentines Day aka Romantic Industrial Complex Day, Rachel Kirkconnell as the latest "racist", and how a divided country obsessed with hate is buying a lie
2021 Feb 1415m 31s
Little Apostate gets into Valentines Day and why she feels the lie of Valentines Day reflects the lie of the left--their constant calls for love and tolerance while they tear down a woman who is is pursuing the love of a man of a different race.
003. On why Gina Carano is right, why weak men are dangerous, and why history always needs to be examined from more than the accepted perspective
2021 Feb 1230m 16s
Little Apostate discusses Gina Carano's firing, digs a bit into the history of Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia, and why it's always right to discuss history--from more than one perspective.