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I've always liked the idea of 'Ambient Speech', the spoken word equivalent of ambient music.It's the background sound of a cafe or a bus. A conversational, human noise that lets you know you're alive and not alone but doesn't intrude too much. Independent music is one of the greatest forms of expression and key to ambient sound. Many of my guests have played a “Dinner Set”, and know that the sounds they produce provides the stage for ambient sound and an evening you’ll cherish. A slow and subtle tempo, a hint of music accompanying conversation. We bring you, “The Dinner Set”. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/robert-reed04/support


Kyler Daron Audio Engineer/Musician
2021 Feb 0556m 50s
Kyler got a start playing bedroom singer/songwriter music at the tender age of fifteen. He dug roots in the Nashville music scene from 2012-2017, where he wrote and recorded the Ellie-EP and Whispers in the Woods.
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