Age of the Anthropocene
  • Michelle Vedder
2 episodes
Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms. As a species, it has allowed us to grow into the messy, beautiful, complicated animals that we are. My hope for this podcast is to be able to share human stories about the environmental crisis in hopes that we are able to better see ourselves reflected within these complex issues. Hear the stories. Share the stories. Change the world.


Episode 1: The Story of the Hudson River
2021 Feb 2326m 47s
The Hudson River existed long before humans ever set foot within its majestic banks.  Sit down with some tea and listen in to learn more about the human history of the Hudson River, and our intrinsic connection to it.
Episode 1 Trailer
2021 Feb 082m 25s
Welcome to Age of the Anthropocene.  I hope that you enjoy delving into this story as much as i I did!  Hear the stories, share the stories, change the world.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.