• Ben Weil
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Conversations with FedEx Ground Contractors discussing the latest topics of the day. Each episode is lively and packed full of expert advice lasting around 30 minutes. Listen today!


Beyond Renting: How Fleet Financing Works for ISP's
2021 Feb 0521m 1s
Listen to a conversation with Mike Gavio from Merchants Fleet explaining the features and benefits of fleet financing and management works for ISPs. Free up capital, limit maintenance fees and gain fleet flexibility.
Customer Conversation: Right-Sizing Your Ground Business
2021 Jan 2625m 11s
This conversation is about local size limitations FedEx Ground Contractors coming up in 2021. If you are a FedEx Ground Contractor, or are thinking of becoming one, this is solid advice you should know this year.
Customer Conversation: Looking Ahead to 2021
2020 Dec 2329m 9s
A FedEx Ground contractor joins host, Ben Weil, and eTruckBiz CEO, Jeff Walczak, for a look into upcoming changes in 2021. Topics include how to make higher profit margins, selling off parts of a transportation company, and management training.
Customer Conversation: Converting Drivers to Hourly Pay
2020 Dec 1035m 34s
Truck and van drivers employed by FedEx Ground Contractors have traditionally received their pay by the day. However, it's now time to convert that system to hourly pay for a variety of financial and legal reasons. If you are a FedEx Ground Contractor, or are employed by one, this is for you. #fedexground #fedexlife
Customer Conversation: Peak Planning for New CSP's
2020 Nov 1720m 58s
In this episode a FedEx Ground Contractor from Arkansas and his manager talk about their experiences surviving the peak delivery season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plus, they tell us what they wish they had known beforehand in order to be better prepared.
Customer Conversation: Driver Training Before Peak
2020 Sep 3018m 46s
This episode is a conversation with two long-time FedEx Ground Contractors from Indiana who have hired, onboarded and trained many drivers and managers over the years. Topics include length of time to train, technology used, equipment considerations, leadership techniques, and more. They also talk about The Smith System and its meaning. If you're looking to buy a FedEx Ground business, or if you're a long-time Contractor yourself, you'll find these guys entertaining and informative with advice for everyone.
Customer Conversation: Continuously Recruiting Drivers
2020 Sep 0820m 45s
This is a conversation with a real FedEx Ground Contractor who has worked with eTruckBiz for recruiting new drivers. He talks about what people who are buying FedEx Ground businesses need to know and tips for other long-timer Contractors. We have preached for years that most problems faced by FedEx Ground Contractors can be tracked back to a lack of continuous recruiting.
Customer Conversation: Dynamic Route Optimization
2020 Aug 0725m 27s
This episode is an honest conversation with an eTruckBiz Customer who worked with a coach to implement the new Dynamic Route Optimization (DRO) pre-load system for FedEx Ground.
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