Martyrs And Missionaries
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Ever wanted to know more about the Christians who came before us? The ones who answered the call and went to the far reaches of the globe, many paying the ultimate price? Martyrs and Missionaries takes you on a journey, following the lives of our Great Cloud of Witnesses, with a new episode and a new missionary every Wednesday.


Asa Jennings: Heart of A Lion
2021 Feb 2415m 40s
The Armenian Genocide is a subject that is denied by much of the world and is often overlooked. However, even during this incredibly dark time God used His people in some incredible ways. Hear the amazing story of a man almost no one has ever heard of: Asa Jennings.
Mary Slessor: God Has Made the Weak to Confound the Mighty
2021 Feb 1724m 35s
Mary Slessor was a missionary to West Africa. Inspired by the example of David Livingstone, she left everything she knew behind and journeyed into the unknown.
Whether by Life or by Death: John and Betty Stam
2021 Feb 1018m 39s
Missionaries to China during the Chinese Civil War, John and Betty Stam counted the cost and faithfully went where the Lord led.
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2021 Feb 031m 39s
Martyrs And Missionaries