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Imperfectos unite! Tune in and prepárense to hear Dany Di Giacomo (@danydigiacomo) and Ada Rojas (@allthingsada) breakdown the chisme, insights y mucho, mucho más of each episode of HBO Max’s Vida Perfecta (Perfect Life). Aquí, it’s known as Vida Imperfecta, porque as we all know, sometimes it seems everything is upside down. 


Vida Perfecta is available to stream now on HBO Max. 


When You Let Yourself Go (Cuando Te Dejas Llevar)
2021 Feb 0829m 58s
El final. But is it? Dany and Ada discuss the age old Latinx adage, “Querer es Poder” and its potential damage, María’s mom confessing her affair, and Gari turning the tables on María while she gives birth.  Un poco de todo and it's a wrap - or shall we say mantilla?
When You Don't Want to Be Alone (Cuando No Quieres Estar Sola)
2021 Feb 0830m 2s
Flashback! Plans and dreams y qué pasó?  Dany and Ada discuss their dreams and plans, the dreams and plans Cristina and María had as young girls, where they are now and what lies ahead.
When Everything Falls Apart (Cuando Todo Se Derrumba)
2021 Feb 0831m 46s
Ada and Dany welcome back “Dr. Adri” from Latinx Therapy and discuss self-sabotaging behavior (:ahem: Esther), how the grass is not always greener onthe other side and how both Cristina and Gari call it like it is.  Cristina cutting someone else's grass notwithstanding. ¡Ay!
When You Want To, But You Can't (Cuando Quieres y No Puedes)
2021 Feb 0827m 16s
Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Ada and Dany discuss María and Cristina's appetite for fulfilling their wants and desires and the lengths you’ll sometimes go to reach them. ¡Cuidado!
When You Confess To Your Parents (Cuando Te Confiesas Con Tus Padres)
2021 Feb 0834m 19s
Dany and Ada welcome Dr. Adriana Alejandre, Psychotherapist & founder of Latinx Therapy, to unpack all the drama - from Esther’s fathers disapproval of her career, Gari taking control of his decisions and María coming to terms con todo. La doctora is in the Imperfecta House!
When You Take An Unexpected Path (Cuando Tomas Un Camino Inesperado)
2021 Feb 0830m 14s
Ada and Dany go all-in relating with Esther and the pressures of Instagram, María relying on her girls to support her life-altering decisions and Gari asserting himself to his papá-dale, Gari!
When Nothing Is What It Seems (Cuando Nada Es Lo Que Parece)
2021 Feb 0829m 12s
Realidad! There is no escaping it. In this episode, Dany and Ada talk reality around María talking to Gari about his disability, Cristina and her work, life, love balance (lack of) and Esther on Instagram? Keeping it real is duro.
When You Don't Let Yourself Go (Cuando No Te Dejas Llevar)
2021 Feb 0422m 28s
In this premiere episode, hosts Ada Rojas and Dany Di Giacomo introduce the podcast series and first episode with HBO Max’s Vida Perfecta creator, writer and director, Leticia Dolera. They discuss the hows and whys of the series with “Leti” and bueno, there is a little gushing involved as well - por supuesto!