• Julia M-Marshall
3 episodes
Creativity is a way of living that embraces originality and making connections between separate ideas. In this podcast, We will investigate different areas of creativity. From what creativity is, our ways of thinking, why we lack creativity, and how we can bring creativity back.


educating creativity
2021 Feb 2616m 44s
In this episode we discuss Is creative thinking learned or natural? we also discuss why we lose creativity. And what creative education is.
What is creativity?
2021 Feb 056m 46s
In this episode we dive in to what creativity is? What innovation is? Why they are important? And how they are related.
Introduction to Dare to be Creative.
2021 Feb 055m
This episode is an introduction to Dare to be creative. We briefly go over what we think creativity is and some of the topics that will be talked about in this podcast. Stay tuned for more exciting content.
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