I “survived” Covid?
  • Janice Mackay-Monahan
10 episodes
A place to discuss your post Covid issues with someone who is going through similar issues. To give a empathetic ear to people, like me who need to talk about what they have been/and are going through.


Emergency room #2
2021 Feb 2721m 56s
Yikes, here I go again!
Hair loss, and cold feet
2021 Feb 2427m 19s
Discussing listeners questions, and comments.
Husband, ugh!
2021 Feb 2212m 11s
Just venting about my husband, and his lack of interest about anything Covid, or illness related. It’s a doozy!
In the emergency room
2021 Feb 2217m
Hear about my scary trip to the emergency room yesterday, and what Covid caused now!
My son speaks!
2021 Feb 1948m 40s
My 16 year old son gives his perspective on what it was like taking care of me during me having Covid.
Social media update
2021 Feb 127m
Because I have had so many comments and questions, I have upped the ante on all of my social media accounts. Give a listen so you know where to find me! Xo
2021 Feb 0823m 21s
Reading an article about Covid and cardiovascular disease, and reading comments from my email.
A little about me.
2021 Feb 0733m 48s
I’m giving some information about myself, and my experience having had Covid, and the aftermath.
I survived Covid?
2021 Feb 0610m 54s
A safe and empathetic platform to discuss your post Covid-19 medical issues. Many of us are going through a lot post Covid, and there is really no where to verbally discuss these issues. I myself am a Covid “survivor” and I have had a whole host of post medical problems. I want to be your sympathetic ear, and together we can discuss what each of us is going through. A sort of Covid camaraderie group!
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