The Conspiracy Theory Test
  • The Conspiracy Theory Test
20 episodes
Eavan and Karen test their conspiracy theory knowledge, as well as their powers of persuasion. In each episode, the hosts will choose a conspiracy theory and convince the other of its legitimacy. Pop on your tinfoil hat and enjoy! Follow us at: Cover art by Laura Kennedy (UFO image Theme music by


20: Nazca Lines/Harry Houdini
2021 Mar 0355m 31s
Karen describes the spectacular geoglyphs in the soil of the Nazca Desert in southern Peru, and tries to decipher their mysterious origins. Eavan chronicles the life of famed illusionist Harry Houdini, and asks was his death a medical mystery, or was he murdered by the world's most famous detective?
19: Hollow Earth/Large Hadron Collider
2021 Feb 1549m 59s
Eavan digs deep and tells us about Admiral Bird’s fantastical voyage into a kingdom hidden within Earth. Karen explains the Large Hadron Collider, and asks, did it open a portal to Hell?
18: Popes JP I&II/Prince Charles
2021 Feb 0952m 26s
Karen makes a holy show of us and describes the mysterious circumstances around not only Pope John Paul I’s death, but also the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. Eavan runs through the British royal family tree in an attempt to answer the question: is Prince Charles a vampire?
17: JonBenet Perry/ Denver Airport
2021 Feb 0244m 49s
Karen explores some alternative theories surrounding the tragic unsolved murder of child star JonBenet Ramsey. Eavan asks if there is a sinister motive behind the mysterious behemoth that is Denver International Airport.
16: Time Travelling Trumps/Loch Ness Monster
2021 Jan 2644m 58s
This week, Eavan tells us about an unassuming 17th Century novel, that might just prove the existence of time travel. Karen gives us the history of the Loch Ness Monster, right up to the latest theory that has put Nessie back in the limelight.
15: Prof. Luke O'Neill
2021 Jan 2148m 5s
This week we’re turning the premise of the CTT on its head! Rather than convincing you of a conspiracy, we debunk the Covid-19 conspiracies and the anti-vaxxer movement. Joining us to do so is a major authority on the subject. Prof. Luke O’Neill, professor of biochemistry and immunology at Trinity College Dublin, and author of “Never Mind The B*llocks, Here’s The Science”. Take off your tinfoil hats for this one!
14: History's Oldest Person/Barack Obama
2021 Jan 121h 13s
What a week this year has been. To escape the madness, Eavan tells the story of Jeanne Calment, the longest living person in history. Was her world record was an elaborate hoax?
13: Animal Espionage/2012
2021 Jan 0449m 30s
Happy 2021, theorists! Our new website is up and running. Read more about each theory at
12: Christmas Film Theories
2020 Dec 2355m 29s
Happy Christmas, conspiracy theorists! This week, Eavan presents ten alternative theories on Christmas classic It’s A Wonderful Life. Karen provides a selection box of whacky Christmas movie conspiracies.
11: Amelia Earhart/Fake Finland
2020 Dec 0849m 28s
In our eleventh episode, Karen provides several gripping theories on the truth behind aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart's fatal flight. Eavan journeys into the surreal and suggests that Finland is a fictional country.