• Patrick Bolanos
6 episodes
“Working For A Dream” With Patrick Bolanos is about the hard work and hustle it takes to build an empire. On a quest to help Nicaraguan students pursue careers as professional baseball players, entrepreneur Patrick Bolanos shares his story of climbing to the top in multiple industries. Coming from a background in finance and business development, Patrick shares his wisdom on this show and interviews iconic figures in the marketplace. Tune in for a show that will get you armed and ready to create your own dream life. It will take responsibility and hard work but with strong mentors and a will to succeed, you can do anything.


EP 6: Tiffany Toombs — Using NLP & Neuroscience To Take Ownership Of Your Life
2021 Mar 0123m 31s
For a lot of folks, hitting rock bottom is more than the product of a single adverse moment or even season in your adult life. Wounds from childhood run deep, and without working to understand the ways our subconscious and unconscious selves impact conscious choices and behavior, self-awareness and success can be hard to find.
EP 5: JC Hite — Growing a Business Across Borders
2021 Feb 2231m 48s
Starting a business can take you to places you never would’ve expected — sometimes literally!
EP 4: Pam and Gary Roberts — Healing Holistically After Loss
2021 Feb 1532m 59s
How do you channel loss into purpose, and how can healing be gleaned from that sense of purpose? These are among the questions that Pam and Gary Roberts had to explore upon losing their daughter — who, after a car accident, struggled with an addiction to opioids and pain medication — at age 27.
EP 3: Alex Vonderhaar — The Power of Optimizing Your Mind
2021 Feb 0430m 44s
Do you have a growth mindset? If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you’ll need one. The good news is that, by hacking your brain, there are ways to cultivate that mindset.
EP 2: Joey Yak — It Pays Not to Ask for Permission
2021 Feb 0421m 18s
Success is relative, and even for people who’ve “made it” by society’s standards, feeling fulfilled isn’t a guarantee. That was the case for Joey Yak.
EP 1: Patrick Bolanos — There’s No Such Thing As ‘Too Late’
2021 Feb 048m 1s
When you’ve lost your sense of motivation and purpose in life, every day can seem like a battle you don’t feel like fighting. Patrick Bolanos knows this all too well. Not long ago, he was simply going through the motions of life, working a job that wasn’t making him happy and living paycheck to paycheck in the process.
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