Inboxing, The Podcast about Email Marketing
  • Hillel Berg
2 episodes
A podcast about Email Marketing. We'll be talking weekly about email marketing and bringing in guests from around the world to chime in and get to hear from them their favorite emails or biggest mistakes.


Inboxing Episode 2 Featuring Nikki Elbaz
2021 Feb 2244m 26s
Inboxing Episode 2 with Nikki Elbaz of  Nikki has built a career in email marketing by writing groundbreaking risky emails that have paid off hugely.  It's no surprise she has written emails for brands like Shopify plus and Doodle and was head of Email for Copyhackers.
Inboxing Episode 1 Featuring Emily McGuire
2021 Feb 0945m 57s
Inboxing is a new podcast that’s recorded as a Facebook live on my Facebook Page and on my youtube channel, which you can find by searching for Hillel Berg Email Marketing
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.