• Cheryl Lubin
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Welcome to Taking U.S. On by In Our Times Productions. We are a new weekly podcast that moved over to Spotify from L.A. Talk Radio. Join us each week as we tackle the biggest questions you have about racial injustice, the pandemic, American politics and leadership, and much more!


Covid at the Crossroads: Women, Money, and the Pandemic
2021 Feb 2757m 38s
Covid life has left women reeling. While Covid has turned all of our lives upside down, its effect on women can't be ignored. How are women coping with the economic fallout of the virus, the layoffs, the fear of an unstable future? Journalist, teacher, spiritual dancer and gal pal Burcu Harbert joins host Dr. Cheryl Lubin for a deep dive into covid, the stimulus package, the plight of women in a weakening economy, and more.
Impeachment: Take 2, Day 1: Raskin the Revelation
2021 Feb 1151m 3s
Host Dr. Cheryl Lubin is joined by social justice activist and educator Eric Dawes Smith as they discuss the first day of the impeachment trial, the case presented by the House managers, whether Trump's lawyers can get some Con Law knowledge, and the most compelling moments of the day.
Introducing Taking U.S. On!
2021 Feb 082m 28s
Introducing In Our Times, a weekly podcast that takes on the most urgent issues of the day: impeachment, racial justice, universal basic income, battles of the sex, and much, much more. Join Dr. Cheryl Lubin and her guest as we take it ALL on!!
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