The Dark Side Of The Human Condition
  • Freja
3 episodes
Dedicated to those who seek to find more information on what the dark side of the human condition is all about. Each week, we will cover related topics and will be bringing you some of the greatest minds in the industry as well as a few guests who have experienced or personal knowledge in relevant topics.


How did we get here and where are we going?
2021 Feb 2247m 27s
In this episode we'll explore what has transpired over the past few years, especially in 2020 and where we are now and where we may be heading going forward in the future.
What is The Dark Side of the Human Condition?
2021 Jan 2631m 34s
What is the dark side of the human condition and can we do anything about it?
The Dark Side Of The Human Condition - Trailer
2021 Jan 153m 1s
In these uncertain times we are living in, many people are seeking answers to such questions like . . . What is happening to our society?  Has the world gone stark raving mad?  Are some people just born evil?  Is it a learned or environmental condition?  Is it a quantified mental disorder? Egoism? Why are we so afraid of everyone and everything? Why are we so divided, so angry? Are we really living in the “MATRIX”?  Is there some dark force taking control of us, or has it always been there, but now we are seeing it more clearly?   If It exists, has it existed since the dawn of time. How can we recognize it?  What, if anything can we do about it?  And when, if ever . . . will we get back to our  “normal” lives?
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