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Let's discover the hidden treasures of love, wisdom, and knowledge of Christ in the field of our hearts and learn how to sell everything we gained from Adam so we can inherit Christ! In "Unsolved Mysteries" Podcast, I will be sharing my fresh daily revelations of the Word to help you stay refreshed, focused and engaged with God and His Word daily.


LISTEN in the Name of Jesus - Not ARGUE
2021 Feb 189m 20s
Jesus said to 7 churches in the book of revealtion "overcome" and to everyone of them He said "He who has ear let Him hear what the Spirit says"....He insisted even in the gospels that "take heed how you hear" not "take heed how you speak" or "how you argue"... What brings us to overcoming is "Hearing the Spirit"... but many times when we read the Scriptures we don't "hear" we "argue".
The Love You Must HATE!
2021 Feb 1711m 53s
If we don't hate what we love, we won't receive what He Loves for us... Then even though we know what God wants for us, then we can't have it because we still Love what we have.
See the Scars in "His Back" (My Dream)
2021 Feb 159m 57s
When you see the scars in his back you will remember who you are to Him: His Love.
Do you have fellowship with the WORD?
2021 Feb 147m 30s
The word was manifested, we can see Him, touch him and our hands can handle. Don't wait for the Jesus of Nazareth to come one day in the flesh... have fellowship with the Jesus who was the same yesterday today and tomorrow... the alpha and omega... the beginning and the end...
Unfolding The Book Of Revelation (Rise Of The Conquerors Conference)
2021 Feb 125m 5s
Registration is no open for Rise of the Conquerors conference from Feb 19-21.
Am I a God who WARNS or EMPOWERS?
2021 Feb 1010m 32s
So many times God spoke to us through a dream and we got so scared because we simply didn't understand what God was trying to say. I had this question once too: "God do you warn us in the dreams or not?". Until I had a dream that answered my question so profoundly.
Don't Try to REPEAT!
2021 Feb 0915m 55s
Many times in Christ, we try to repeat some amazing experiences we had in the past. Or we have so much expectations on ourselves and trying to become that perfect person that we want to be... but we're running and never arriving! Because we're living out of lack and not fulness!
Convince YOURSELF not God!
2021 Feb 0912m 2s
If you don't know what the "WILL" of God is and what His heart is for you, how can you have boldness in receiving from Him? So many times in prayer it feels like we're convincing God instead of being convinced of what He wants for us.
The External Gospel = The False Gospel
2021 Feb 068m 20s
The Carnal mind is a linear mind and that's why only understands the physical and outward fleshly things...But you are the substance of the shadow that was in the law... The mystery of all time is Christ IN us!
Jasper & a Sardius Stone in Appearance!
2021 Feb 047m 21s
There's ONE on the throne who is appearance is like the Jasper and Sardius stone. Who is this person? What does the appearance of these stones mean?