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Curiosity with G is a conversation-based show, hosted by Ginger, in which we approach big topics with curiosity. New episodes are posted on Mondays and include topics such as: sex and sexuality, mental health, relationships, and more! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/curiosity-with-g/support


5: Domestic Violence (feat. Christina)
2021 Feb 151h 3m 33s
In this episode, I chat with Christina Hoag about her experience as a survivor of domestic violence. We also talk about the role of shame in survivors' experiences, red flags in relationships, the criminal justice system, and how to find healing.
4: Intuition, Tarot, & Astrology (feat. Avery)
2021 Jan 251h 3m 11s
In this episode, I sit down with Avery (she/her) to chat about her experience as an intuitive medium and tarot reader. We talk about spirit guides, the usefulness and limitations of tarot and astrology, common misconceptions, inner child work and healing, and towards the end I get my very first tarot reading done (spoiler alert: it was incredible!)
3: Polyamory (feat. Max)
2021 Jan 111h 20m 30s
In this episode, I sit down with Max (he/him/his) to talk all about polyamory and his relationships. We discuss Max's journey leading up to where he is now, the difference between polygamy and polyamory, how his current relationships function,  advice for how to determine what it is we want out of life, and so much more.
2: Autism & Neurodiversity (feat. Sam)
2020 Nov 091h 21m 48s
In this episode, I sit down with Sam (she/her/they/them) to talk about autism and neurodiversity. We talk about Sam's experiences as an autistic person, the usefulness & limitations of diagnoses, special interests & stimming, vaccines, and so much more.
1: Introduction
2020 Nov 095m 40s
I (Ginger) introduce myself and the podcast (spoiler alert: I'm really excited about it).
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