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Expert guest interviews on all the things that can move the dial on our reproductive wellbeing and fertility: including lifestyle, science, technology, and relationships. Hosted by Brittany Hawkins and Catherine Hendy, founders of ELANZA Wellness.



Ovulation Testing Explained
2021 Feb 2224m 6s
Ep. 7 of the Optimizing Fertility podcast
Is Sperm Under Threat?
2021 Feb 1824m 15s
Ep. 6 of the Optimizing Fertility podcast
Closing the Gender Data Gap in Health
2021 Feb 0820m
Ep. 5 of the Optimizing Fertility podcast
Essential Advice From a Fertility Doctor Who Had IVF
2021 Feb 0222m 28s
Ep. 4 of the Optimizing Fertility podcast
Stress and Fertility: The Missing Link
2021 Jan 2121m 39s
Ep. 3 of the Optimizing Fertility Podcast
The Latest on Birth Control: Ep. 2 of the "Optimizing Fertility" Podcast
2021 Jan 1422m 33s
Listen now | A nurse practitioner demystifies contraception and reveals the new options in market. Molly Kenward, a nurse practitioner at University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Health, talks to ELANZA’s Brittany Hawkins about the family planning devices and medications on the market today, including the ones she is most excited to share with her patients. She discusses potential impacts on fertility, how to choose the right option for you and the development and adoption challenges of the Male Pill.
Finding Love: Ep. 1 of the "Optimizing Fertility" Podcast
2021 Jan 1220m 57s
The Optimizing Fertility Podcast
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