13 episodes
A discussion of the effects of of different journeys in life have been shaped by our belief in God


When you journey with GOD you are to speak that is and unadulterated
2020 May 0210m 44s
That a watered down truth is not truth at all
Our journey with GOD is is even more beautiful as we observe
2020 May 017m 18s
how His nature creation speaks of who He is.
We are talking about what is needed in our journey with God is truthfulness
2020 Apr 209m 56s
How we need to seek God's truth in every part of our journey with Him.
That our journey with God is not about having money
2020 Apr 1610m 4s
Money is necessary but not mandatory to our journey with God .
It will help you search deeper into life for a more meaningful love
2020 Apr 1616m 20s
Generosity in your journey with God
Please let me know what you think of my podcasts and what you would have improved about them.Pleas
2020 Apr 101m 22s
be honest but no profanity or rude gestures or emojis.
Dying to ourselves so we can have a journey with God doesn't unnecessarily mean the physical kind t
2020 Apr 0813m 46s
So many of fear will happen to us. Or that some think will end their pain but doesn't it is about seeing beyond self and the grave to what God has in the new life we get if we are His and journey with God and are not afraid to die for him in these bodies if necessary.
Loving God and others in your journey with God.
2020 Apr 0710m 9s
This a call to remember we with God of love for Him and His love for us but it also call to love others too
Each episode is about another step in our journey with God and how praise is an important part of
2020 Apr 0610m 41s
the journey and shows our adoration and love and appreciation of his place in this journey
Be brave and walk bold in your journey with God
2020 Apr 0513m 52s
How God and His Holy Spirit gives you the boldness to conquer fear and be bold in your journey with God