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YFYtalks is a podcast series created by Youth For Youths team to dig deeper into the issues and challenges youths face today. Not only that, but we also talk more in-depth about problems happening in society that concerns all of us in the hope of raising discussions and sharing stories with our listeners.


YFYTalks Special Episode - Interview with Girls in Tech Indonesia
2021 Feb 0128m 59s
Baru-baru ini, tim Youth For Youths mendapat kesempatan luar biasa untuk mewawancarai Girls In Tech Indonesia, sebuah komunitas inspiratif yang diperuntukkan bagi wanita Indonesia yang tergabung atau tertarik dengan bidang teknologi. We talked about women in STEM, the stigma, the challenges, and of course, coding!
YFYTalks Ep. 5 - 2020 Rewind
2021 Jan 2342m 3s
As we enter the new year, we reflect on the previous year. Our highs, our lows, and everything in between.
YFYTalks Ep. 4 - Toxic Relationships
2020 Dec 1929m 38s
[TW: Abuse & Gaslighting] On this week's YFYTalks, we're going deep and personal into toxic relationships. What is a toxic relationship? Is it a one-sided mistake, or can we unconsciously do it to our partner? And most importantly, if it IS our own doing, how can we fix it? Let's find out!
YFYTalks Ep. 3 - The Wondrous World of Being Boys
2020 Nov 1936m 3s
In honor of International Men's Day, we've invited a special guest from the Youth For Youths Team talking about how they navigate through life as a man in the 21st century. From insecurities, relationships, The Kissing Booth, and even Dilan & Milea!
YFYTalks Ep. 2 - Our Mental Health Journey
2020 Nov 1234m 23s
This week we're talking about our personal mental health journey! Life gets us down a lot of times, but we hope this episode can help remind those who are struggling with the same things that your journey matter. You are never alone in this.
YFYTalks Ep. 1 - All About RUU Cilaka
2020 Sep 0144m 23s
We've seen it, we've heard of it, we've talked about it. But what implications does the passing of Omnibus Law will really mean for Indonesia? Premiering as our first YFYTalks, this is 'All About RUU Cilaka'.
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