• Sin Estres
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Strezless Musick Productionz founder and indie artist presents himself as the self acclaimed artist known by Sin Estres (Spanish for Strezless). Details the story behind his recent singles making a buzz in the south Texas area mainly and all parts of the U.S. as he's been very well acquainted with traveling from a young age. What begun as a feud from long term differences with his relatives has impressively set him on a new direction as he chose to address his anger in a artistic manner rather than go back to prison for acting out of impulse. Tacos Express will likely end up going out of business because he doesn't plan to rest til the world knows who they both are and maybe get them to truly practice what they preach rather than cast stones at those they are supposed to serve. Didnt see this coming huh? Building a team of marketers for future projects and licensing from Insanebeatz, Ryini, Ke on the track, Pageturner, and Jayera he's got plenty of tunes to put his story that's sure to have you grooving. Has had great feedback from allot of listeners and only wants to innovate the rest of the way as he maneuvers into the entertainment industry in a way he could've never imagined before as this was his childhood desire to grow up to do music. Stay tuned for more from Sin Estres hopefully getting surprise guest on the air as well if they respond to our emails. Remember ladies and gentlemen, you can only go as far as you believe. Keep dreaming only you can bring your visions to life.


Strezless Musick Productionz First Episode
2020 Nov 261m 41s
Chasing after a dream with influences such as Ludacris when I first heard the song "what's your fantasy" and Snoop Dogg with his stress free g attitude. Here's a little biography by Sin Estres before launching the inauguration of Strezless Musick Productionz.
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