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Come along with us as we explore, learn, and laugh about all the Woo Woo things


05 - Cleansing... even in there
2018 Sep 071h 8m 21s
We talk about how to get rid of the bad mojo in your home by using smudging, incense and salt... plus a lot more. :)
04 - The military psychic mind control alien made me do it...
2018 Aug 291h 5m 58s
Jess and Amy delve into the world of military paranormal missions and alien coverups!  So grill up some fajitas (pronounced "fa-jai-tass") and make sure you use lots of MK Ultra... cuz it's about to get weird up in here!
03 - Look Deep into My Aura...
2018 Aug 1849m 53s
Jess and Amy talk about Auras!  What is it?  How do you see it?  And stick around for the aura cleansing at the end of the podcast :)
02 - Let's make it Reiki up in here!
2018 Aug 1042m 51s
Jess and Amy give a little intro to the healing method called Reiki.  We had a little technical difficulty with the sound (Mercury IS in retrograde, after all)... so please forgive the strangeness and enjoy this episode!
01 - Who's got a past life story?
2018 Aug 0431m 13s
In our first episode, we break the seal on this Woo Woo stuff with our tales of past life regressions.  Was Jess a Bollywood wanna-be?  Was Amy a Dark Ages playboy?  Tune in and find out just how our experiences with past life regression went!
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