• Aqmera Williams
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Cheers! Lets talk. I just want to have a conversation with you about any and everything. Join me with your fave drink whether it be coffee or tequila as we navigate today together. If you're fumbling around life and just enjoying the ride you'll feel right at home here. So, cheers! Cheers to your life, your success, your happiness, your well being, and everything in between. Pour up and lets do this.


Age Aint NOTHING but a number
2021 Mar 0221m 30s
This week on Cheers! We're talking about age: is it really just a number?Grab your podiums 'cause its going to be one helluva debate. This weeks sponsors (THANK YOU):WeAreOneUp: - We Are One Up is a brand created by my homie Fredo. We are one up is...
People V. Lori Harvey
2021 Feb 2322m 27s
This week on Cheers! we're talking double standards: the People V. Lori Harvey.  Grab your podiums 'cause its going to be one helluva debate. This weeks sponsors (THANK YOU):Freedom Rave Wear - be uniquely you in what you wear. FRW...
Episode 2: Healthy Relationships
2021 Feb 1033m 17s
It's the 21st century: who says I'm sorry anymore? How do we as the younger generation come up with healthy relationships? How do past traumas affect the present?
Get to know me
2021 Feb 0217m 24s
The first episode ever ! Welcome to Tigers Eye. In this first episode, I just want you all to get to know me and what to expect from this show. I want this to be a open discussion show, so I am taking discussion topics. If you want to contribute to the...