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  • Bhautik Sheth
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Bhautik Sheth has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs, business people, startups, professionals, and students for digital marketing. With 13+ years of experience in corporate marketing and digital marketing, he has become the synonym of Digital Marketing in the South Gujarat region in India. In his podcast shows, he will share his experience, current trends, strategies, tactics, and many best practices that can help you to get the best possible digital marketing result. You can also watch his vlogs on YouTube (in Hindi) by subscribing to


Ep. 9 | How to select a perfect Digital Marketing agency for your business
2019 Nov 266m 26s
Almost every business is today struggling to find the right digital marketing agency to work with. What business people should consider before selecting a perfect digital marketing agency? Listen to this podcast by Bhautik Sheth.
Ep. 8 | Why copying other's business model is the worst idea for any startup
2019 Nov 184m 35s
The recent startup trend has seen copying the business model of a successful business. Why copying the 1business model is not a good idea? Listen to this podcast.
Ep. 7 | How a strong HR Management can assure the desired marketing result?
2019 Nov 153m 49s
Have you ever thought if HR can be the major reason for the success or failure of marketing results? Listen to this podcast to learn how.
Ep. 6 | Google Ads or SEO? What you should focus on in the B2B model?
2019 Nov 043m 45s
Many B2B businesses are not clear about giving priority to SEO or Google Ads. This podcast clears the doubt and gives a clear cut direction to B2B businesses.
Ep. 5 | There is nothing like Certified Digital Marketer!
2019 Oct 223m 58s
Many people call themselves 'Certified' digital marketers! Is there really anything like 'certified'? Listen to this podcast to know the reality.
Ep. 4 | Difference between NON-OPTIMIZED & Optimized Google Ads
2019 Oct 174m 15s
Running Google Ads is not so difficult. But generating the result is! Do you know what is the meaning of optimized Google Ads? Listen to this podcast!
Ep. 3 | 5 tips to consider before starting your own podcast
2019 Oct 114m 30s
People are getting attracted to starting own podcast channel but is it worth for everyone? This episode gives 5 tips to those who are thinking to start their own podcast channel.
Ep. 2 | What MBA Students Need To know Before Opting Digital Marketing as a Career
2019 Oct 093m 57s
Many MBA marketing students are now opting for digital marketing as their first career choice. But they are not knowing how their academic knowledge can put them in the right position in this industry. This episode is meant to make MBA students understand how they should look towards this industry and how they can create their own space.
Ep. 1 | Introducing first ever Digital Marketing Podcast of South Gujarat - Bhautik Digitally Yours!
2019 Oct 083m 22s
After empowering with knowledge sharing content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, Bhautik Sheth is coming up with the first-ever Digital Marketing Podcast show of Surat and South Gujarat in India - Bhautik Digitally Yours! Let's grow digitally together!!
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