Mediator Monthly: Takes from Teens
  • Herman and Kat
6 episodes
Join two high school seniors (Kat and Herman) as we navigate our broadening slice of life.


Episode 5: Literal Dreams, Dignity, and Other People's Podcasts
2021 Feb 0822m 1s
Kat and Herman are joined by guest star Jan in a discussion about strange dreams, getting down on one's knees, and more.
Episode 4: Cults, Scientology, and Midsommar
2021 Jan 2933m 59s
Herman recounts her experiences with the local Scientologist establishment while Kat talks about her love for horror movies. Digressions occur.
Episode 3: Problems with Dick Cheney and Other Political Content
2021 Jan 1723m 42s
Kat and Herman dab on Dick and discuss a few features of our contemporary political scape.
Episode 2: Of Love, Penises, and Of Course, College
2021 Jan 1739m 14s
Kat and Herman share thoughts on relationships and love while becoming sidetracked by music and college. Kat says "penis" in a British accent.
Episode 1: The Lives of High School Seniors in College Application Season
2021 Jan 1728m 55s
Kat and Herman discuss the painful process of applying to college, as well as the deficiencies in high school education.
Episode 0: A Relic
2021 Jan 1757m 26s
Join us (Kat and Herman!) as we navigate our ever broadening slice of life.
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