Peaked In High School
  • Artie Bailey
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The host of the Peaked in High School Podcast is Artie Bailey. He will be rambling about a variety of topics including his old high school stories, current sports, mental health, and whatever is on his mind that week. Artie will have a variety of reoccurring guest from past to current to trade stories and shit on each other.


hair and a six pack
2021 Feb 2115m 2s
2021 Feb 0824m 20s
she sucks
2021 Jan 3120m 57s
Online Slots
2021 Jan 2412m 12s
Bills Fans Are The Worst
2021 Jan 2026m 57s
We talk with two obnoxious Bills fans after their 17 to 3 win over the Ravens on Saturday night and look forward to Sunday and next week's games.