Do I Even Know You?
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Hi, my name's Tom. You might know me in real life. Or you don't and we're still Facebook friends anyway. Let's catch up or meet for the first time and have everyone else listen in.


Episode 007 - Aaron Keich
2021 Feb 241h 4m 2s
Aaron Keich is the greatest teacher to ever come to Culpeper, VA from Pennsylvania named Aaron Keich. He is also a dear friend. We talk about redecorating garage doors, concerts, and teacher dream casting.  THE SOCIALS! 👀Instagram►...
Episode 006 - Bree Myers (Allegedly Records)
2021 Feb 1844m 26s
Such a fun interview with one of the leading ladies of punk rock! Bree Myers is a member of the Allegedly Records team, an upstart record label based all over the U.S. Listen in as we talk about our most wanted band reunions, growing up punk in a farm...
Episode 005 - Matt Dalberth
2021 Feb 121h 14m 33s
Have you ever spent over an hour interviewing your significant other's ex? Well that's what I did, musically at least. Matt is the leader of the amazing hardcore band REVIVAL, which used to (and now does again?) feature my band's bass player Jeff...
Episode 004 - Jeremy Weiss (Part II)
2021 Feb 0950m 4s
Is there anything as nice as twice the Weiss? Nope! We've come to the conclusion of my interview with Jeremy Weiss of CI Records. I had a blast talking to him and hope to have the opportunity again soon. Check out the show and then visit his sites!CI...
Episode 003 - Jeremy Weiss (Part I)
2021 Feb 0551m 35s
What's cooler than being cool? WEISS Cold!! That's right, I'm joined by Lancaster legend and all around awesome guy Jeremy Weiss. Jeremy was the singer in my cousin Andy's band (Stand-Up!) and now runs the successful record label CI Records and...
Episode 002 - Sarah Hoy
2021 Feb 0458m 31s
Bringing the lady energy with this episode of DO I EVEN KNOW YOU! I speak with former student and overall lovely lady Sarah Hoy on high school drama, the perfect musical, and her work with Culpeper Pride.Bad Auditions on Camera:...
Episode 001 - Jeff Ciotti
2021 Feb 0359m
The first (official?) episode of DO I EVEN KNOW YOU? I dive deep with friend and bandmate Jeff Ciotti to find out what really makes him tick. The answers may surprise (and disgust) you. Listen to Burn Patterns:...
A Very Special (Preview) Episode!
2021 Jan 261h 9m 5s
A special preview episode of the Do I Even Know You podcast!