• Anki
4 episodes
imPROvshine podcast hosts improvisors who impacted Anki's improv journey. Episodes are consisted of comfy conversations about improv and life with 10 min improv scene somewhere in the middle. For the video version, check out facebook.com/improvshine or improvshine.com


Ep 4 Emma Bird
2021 Feb 2038m 54s
"We only have one shot of this life, so we may as well enjoy it."
Ep 3 Whit Shiller
2021 Feb 1330m
"Improv for me is puting human experience out in front of the people."
Ep 2 Aree Witoelar
2021 Feb 0634m 37s
"It cannot suck if there are no expectations."
Ep 1 Jay Sukow
2021 Jan 2535m 22s
"Good day or bad day it’s your choice."
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.