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Taking a look at the unique world of the flute in Northern Ireland, where one of the most popular instruments has also become a symbol of cultural significance.Listen as I explore the flute scene both here and internationally, speaking to world-renowned players, makers and teachers about their experiences and expertise.


Tara Bingham
2021 Mar 0134m 42s
Tara Bingham is a very well-known and respected Irish traditional flute player. She has taught at many important festivals and has been performing alongside her husband Dermy Diamond for over 40 years.
Gareth McLearnon
2021 Feb 2237m 45s
Gareth McLearnon is an internationally renowned and multi-award-winning flautist, composer, arranger and educator who travels the globe every year leading a diverse, innovative, creative and exciting musical career.
Patrick Davey
2021 Feb 1428m 41s
Multi-talented performer, arranger, composer Patrick Davey. Patrick performs mostly on Irish flute (but also classical and Uilleann pipes as well) and is a renowned teacher in and around Belfast.
Colin Irvine
2021 Feb 0832m 37s
Renowned performer and teacher, Colin Irvine shares his background in music, teaching philosophy, approach to conducting and favourite performances.
Eimear McGeown
2021 Feb 0537m 23s
Featuring International Soloist on both Classical & Irish flute, Eimear McGeown. Listen as she shares stories of her favourite concerts, collaborations, motivations and aims for the future.
Eimear McGeown
2021 Jan 2437m 23s
Classical & Irish Flute