• Roses Awak
12 episodes
Past, present and future


Toxic dripping
2021 Feb 1210m 15s
Erotica episode
Now what?
2021 Feb 0414m 42s
My dilemma with a couple
My Creepy Stalker
2021 Jan 2915m 52s
Unbelievably stalking
I'm not okay
2021 Jan 236m 26s
Life will break you and i'm really not okay
What a ride!
2021 Jan 149m 48s
A one in a life time ride and oleum gas case
My virginity
2021 Jan 138m 17s
My virginity conspiracy
The refugee killer
2021 Jan 117m 22s
Refugee mother and child by Chinua Achebe and psycho Shankar(a case of a serial killer)
2021 Jan 0912m 39s
Snake case
The hen and the carp
2021 Jan 085m 8s
Just once
Just a play
2021 Jan 073m 47s