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A New fortnightly podcast about nothing specific where all the latest news, entertainment and other things are all discusssed.


Mind Blank Ep3 - Coming in Hot
2021 Feb 0946m 18s
In today's episode of Mind Blank the boys come in hot discussing Corona Virus, People and Ryan's very cute dog!
Mind Blank Ep2 - Old school tricks & Inaugurations!
2021 Jan 3053m 48s
Inaugurations, old schools and more are all discussed in today's episode of  the Mind Blank Podcast
Mind Blank Ep1 - Keeping Entertained
2021 Jan 3037m 19s
Introducing the first episode of a brand new Podcast! In this episode of Mind Blank, the guys come together to discuss the big news of the week as well as how they've been keeping themselves entertained in Lock-Down.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.