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We will have call-ins from the viewers during this podcast as we discuss current events in the political jungle that is D.C.while the tyrannical left lets the country burn. And Donald Trump picks up and runs with his 'Save America" Campaign. This the podcast for WE THE PEOPLE by the people. Join my lives at Monday-Friday 1130 am CST & 9 pm CST Sundays at 5 pm CST


The Woke Conservative Podcast Ep10
2021 Feb 251h 8m 21s
In this episode of The Woke Conservative Podcast we discuss the latest news and absurdities coming out of D.C.
The Constitution Pt.11
2021 Feb 2411m 10s
During this installment of The Constitution series we finish up the Articles as we examine 5 through 7.
The Woke Conservative Podcast Pt.9
2021 Feb 241h 24m 36s
Woke to the social injustices and Rampant racism of the left.
The Constitution Pt.10
2021 Feb 2310m 8s
In this part of The Constitution series we examine article 4. Which covers how states handle themselves in regards to citizens, non-citizens and other states.
The Woke Conservative Podcast Ep8
2021 Feb 2351m 58s
I must apologize we had some technical difficulties this episode. If you here any skips in conversation, that is why.
The Constitution Pt.9
2021 Feb 228m 50s
Today in the Constitution series part 9 we discuss all of Article 3.
The Constitution Pt.8
2021 Feb 196m 7s
Today we finish up Article 2, what role the president plays and what they Constitutionally allowed to do.
The Constitution Pt.7
2021 Feb 1812m 13s
During this episode we look at article 1 section 10 which limits state powers. Also we take a look at article 2 section 1 which begins to flesh out the presidential office of the United States.
The Constitution Pt.6
2021 Feb 1712m 47s
Today in Part 6 we examine Article 1 Section 9 and also talk about the history of abolishing slavery in the United States from 1800-1865
The Constitution pt5
2021 Feb 1613m 45s
Today we will cover Article 1 Section 7 & 8.