Hump Night All-Star Players Podcast
  • (Ian Riccaboni, Michael McDermott, Kris Fried)
7 episodes
@ianriccaboni, @krisfried, and @mcd_mike come at you every week at 11 PM with thoughts on everything and special guests. Weekly features include the Top 10 List, The Mount Rushmore, and weird news. Hump night? Get over it.


Episode 6: The Wayne's World Intro Explained
2013 Aug 281h 2m 49s
The guys discuss their favorite fictional bands and favorite Netflix binge shows.
Episode 5: Our First Live Guest! Musician Spencer Tricker
2013 Aug 211h 2m 38s
Musician Spencer Tricker stops by to chat with Ian, Mike, and Kris about his solo album, Van Gumby, and his new projects, including a new album with folks from international tourers Speedy Ortiz and Ava Luna. Spencer wei
Episode 4: The One That Mike Missed
2013 Aug 1456m 55s
Ian and Kris hijack the show and talk only wrestling with Mike away. Top 10 is Wrestling Theme songs, Mt. Rushmore of Best Wrestling Managers, and the guys talk weird commercials.
Our Best Episode Since Our Last Best Episode
2013 Aug 071h 1s
Ian, Mike, and Kris talk about wingmanning when meeting celebrates, including Ian's awkwardness around everyone, Kris joined Brian Kirk and the Jirks on stage, Ian leads the Mt. Rushmore of Discontinued Sodas discussion,
Interview - Randy Seidman
2013 Aug 0240m 46s
Emmy-winning producer Randy Seidman joins Ian Riccaboni to discuss his time at former cable juggernaut PRISM, discussing his time producing WWF events at the Corestates Spectrum. Randy recalls his time working with Goril
The One With the Technical Difficulties
2013 Jul 3141m 38s
Ian, Mike, and Kris talk about the Mt. Rushmore of chewing gum, the Top 10 non-burger restaurants, and review Kris's performance on the bill at Rivals with Rodney Laney. Ian promises to have Randy Seidman on and is unabl
Episode 1: The Beginning
2013 Jul 2452m 5s
On the inaugural episode of the Hump Night All-Star Players Podcast, Kris talks doing stand-up with Daniel Tosh and Dave Coulier, the guys try to name the most famous Allentownians, Ian brings up the world's most expensi
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