The Unpopular Kid
  • yousef afghani
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I'm just a teenager who's gonna share stories about his life and discuss some relatable things about us teen with some teens. tune in and enjoy! Support this podcast:


Corona Time !
2021 Feb 2114m 25s
Hi, in this episode I talked about my corona experience. i hope you and your families are in good health and please if you get one of the symptoms I mentioned I this episode, go get a PCR test or contact your doctor. Follow me on Instagram @joseph_afghani
Red Flags
2021 Feb 1417m 1s
In this episode I talk about the worst day I had during my family trip to Istanbul Turkey. If you want I suggest any topic you want me to talk about go dm me on Instagram @joseph_afghani
2021 Feb 0813m 42s
In this episode i tell the story where i got dumped. listen to it and i hope you enjoy it. BTW if you have any suggestions for episode ideas Dm me on instagram @joseph_afghani and follow me too!
Episode 1
2021 Jan 2913m 32s
I basically talk about who I am as a person, ENJOY !
2021 Jan 2221s
This is just the start of something big. Please follow this podcast so you'll get notified when I drop my episodes.
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