the lunch table: a podcast
  • Nabou
2 episodes
listen in to the convo's of young black and POC folks as they dive into their experiences with racism, relationships, parents, mental health, astrology, spirituality, and virtually anything with your host, Nabou.


episode two: trying to find my self worth
2021 Jan 2135m 12s
whatchu worth? what's your price tag? i'm finding trouble trying to figure it out myself. let's talk about where our lack of self worth stems from and how we can try to actively fix it.
episode one: dealing w procrastination and zero motivation
2021 Jan 0526m 8s
the first episode! i've been lacking motivation, no Normani,  and it's something i've struggled with for a while now and quarantine surely doesn't help... at all. lets talk about it, shall we?
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.