The Navigationalist
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The purpose of this space is to create community for underrepresented faculty to have crucial conversations about navigating and being successful in Predominantly White Institution (PWI) or homogenized areas of campus. This space is designed for the underrepresented faculty, which refers to groups of people who are traditionally and currently represent a lower proportional numbers of minorities on a homogenous campus, regarding socio-economic status, culture, religion, ethnicity, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation and gender identity. We strive to create inspiring and engaging discussions that are as diverse as the under-represented faculty we serve.


The Navigationalist with Dr. Nicholas Hartlep and Dr. Daisy Ball
2020 Dec 3136m 41s
Today, we will discuss being part of the faculty union as an underrepresented faculty, the reach of Racial battle Fatigue, and urge you to participate in shared governance to  make a difference.  Today we have Dr. Nicholas Hartlep and Daisy Ball,...
The Navigatinalist with Dr. Wilson Okello and Dr. Stephen Quaye
2020 Dec 3147m 25s
Today, we will discuss how how to balance being an activist, an educator, and your true authentic self on campus; how to overcome the racial battle fatigue by protecting your energy; and how our students have always been bias.  Join us with...
Navigationalist with Dr. Anna CohenMiller and Dr. Kim Case
2020 Dec 3142m 7s
Join me and co-host Dr. Carolina Bailey with Dr. Anna CohenMiller of Nazarbeyev University and and Dr. Kim Case of Virginia Commonwealth University.    Today, we will discuss what motherhood actually looks like in higher ed, how to handle a person who...
The Navigationalist with Dr. Mariela Fernandez and Dr. Bharat Mehra
2020 Dec 3136m 43s
Today we will talk about your resistance capital, the tools that you use to address inequities; how to apply pressure to make structural change on campus;  and how to rock the boat in your department.   Join us with Dr. Mariela Fernandez and Dr. Bharat...
The Navigationalist with Dr. Tsedale Melaku and Dr. Robert Reece
2020 Dec 3135m 48s
Today, we will discuss the impact of the scholar strike and reliving our trauma; what does it mean when you receive a grateful, secret, supportive email from your white counterparts in secret; and how to address one of the irritating microaggression of...
The Navigationalist with Dr. Alex Iantaffi and Dr. Michael Benitez
2020 Dec 3140m 29s
Join us with Dr. Michael Benitez, Vice President at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Metropolitan State University of Denver, and author, educator, and host of Gender Studies, Dr. Alex Iantaffi. This episode will discuss if allies are...
The Navigationalist with Dr. Leah Hollis and Dr. Wanda Malden
2020 Dec 3142m 40s
Join us with  Dr. Leah Hollis, scholar and author of Bully Beyond Tower and Unequal Opportunity FIred Without a Cause ; and former senior EEO Coordinator at the University at Iowa, Wanda Malden; and  educator and success coach,  Dr. Jacquelina Pena. In...
The Navigationalist with Dr. Joel Perez: To Codeswitch or Not Codeswitch
2020 Dec 3132m 10s
Join me and co-host Dr. Carolina Bailey with Dr. Joel Perez, owner of Apoyo Coaching, specializing in coaching professionals of color to navigate predominately white organizations. In this episode, we will discuss to code-switch or not code-code-switch....
The Navigationalist with Dr. Melissa A. Martinez, Dr. Juan F. Carrillo, and Dr. Michelle Harris
2020 Dec 3128m 1s
Join us with Dr. Melissa A. Martinez, Dr. Juan F. Carrillo, and Dr. Michelle Harris. In this episode, we will discuss how important it is to have a mentor or several mentors and how not to be overworked doing diversity-related projects.The Navigational...