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Our backgrounds are in real estate and radio. We discuss solar and the environment.


Busy days: recorded just pre-Covid quarantine.
2020 Jun 049m 34s
As schools were shutting down, we were busy social distancing. We're making the most of what we had. The whole 30 panels for $29 was my mistake. That's how much the bill would go down to.
Doing Deals
2020 May 2730m 25s
While listening to one of our favorite radio asked, we're moving forward to get our homeowners the best deal on planet Earth for solar. We don't cover your roof to cover your roof.  We co er your electric usage.  When the new technology drops in two years, all we can do is cover your usage.  If you add an electric vehicle in two years, adding to your usage, then we can always add more panels.  By year 42, the panels are still producing 82% of what they were producing when they were originally activated.  By year 20, they are guaranteed to still be at 90%.  New solar is not like the old solar of even six months ago.
Solar Site Survey
2020 May 2648m 38s
Before we install, we survey the property for a variety of reasons. Electrical, roof, sun-eye, etc. At the moment solar costs make it a no brainer. The price of solar is less than what you're paying. We don't nail the panels directly into the roof anymore.  It's based on a bracketing system.  The panels are attached to the bracketing system.  It's just a bracket that runs across your roof. What's going to happen is we're going to have one of my solar experts on out. They actually going show you on our program and you'll be able to see what the panels would look like if they were on your house that way if down the road if this is something that you're interested in at least you'll have the idea of why we don't nail them right into the roof, how we bracket them to home itself, and lastly how it protects the roof from whatever mother nature throws at it.  While we don't install on cedar shake and roofs, we will get you a brand new roof.  With older homes in Northern Jersey like in Maplewood, NJ and in Newark, NJ, this month alone we're removing cedar shake roofs here.  These homeowners are getting a 50-year roof with 3D composition shingles.  Before we install on your roof, we do a site survey.  If it's determined that the roof won't outlast the life of the panels, we'll replace the roof for you.
Got A Business Card?
2020 May 2512m 53s
Business cards in the age of saving paper. NatEco Solar partners discuss business cards to get people the information they want on the cost of solar, solar prices for down payment, monthly payment, extra fees etc. We have references all over, in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Puerto Rico, Maryland, Bayonne NJ, Jersey City NJ, Secaucus NJ, Hoboken NJ, Weehawken, NJ, Union City NJ, West New York NJ, South Jersey, West Jersey, Jersey Shore, and more.
Real Estate and Solar
2020 May 245m 26s
Solar costs and selling homes with solar. The price of solar is less than what you're paying. Raise property value, younger families look for green, clean, and inexpensive. Hey we understand, You are signing up for 5-15-year partnership with us, it’s a really long time. It’s two decades.  We understand. Most people in NJ live in their homes for an average of five or seven years.
PATH train ride
2020 May 201h 5m 31s
As we cruise into NYC, we discuss leadership, panel components, and more. Check out NatEco (@NatEco12):
Clips On Construction
2019 Nov 2024m 21s
This comes from clips from interviews with a retired person that's installed, a happy homeowner who got his electrical box cleaned up and upgraded, and more reports from New Jerseyans about solar. Join our text community for one on one engagement. 917.282.6285 A+ on BBB:
How do utilities work?
2019 Nov 1717m 15s
This comes from the W-Home Solutions interview series sponsored by Panasonic Solar. We interview a homeowner who was just installed with solar. We talk to him about the process and how it compares to cable companies. A+ on BBB:
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