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Hi, I’m Bruce Handler, and I have opinions about many things. I’ve been a Human Resources professional for over three decades and have experienced several interesting and unusual behaviors. I’m a certified professional coach who helps people achieve their goals by changing the way they choose to think and act. I’ve written and continue to write letters to the editor at various newspapers and have had quite a few published. I’m most interested in psychology and human behavior. I’m mainly here to share my realist views about how humans behave and why, some of which I think are important and meaningful and others just plain old entertaining. I will also provide you with important as well as fun facts and interject a little humor along the way; I will challenge people’s assumptions; and maybe influence the way people think and act.


Chiropractic medicine, A skeptical skeptics view, and this is no time for me to be spineless
2021 Mar 0124m 44s
I also thought of titling this Episode, “Snap, crackle and pop – is Chiropractic Medicine all that it’s cracked up to be?”  I would consider this podcast to be somewhat of a public service announcement because before you or a family member or friend,...
ASMR - The silly and serious side of this tingling and stimulating topic
2021 Feb 2228m 45s
Bruce recently discovered ASMR and wants to share his personal experiences with it, what it's all about and how it can make you feel great.  Learn the many things that can trigger it and it's tingling feeling that can put you in an amazing state of...
All twisted up; a topic that might just blow you away
2021 Feb 1524m 43s
Bruce is fascinated by tornados.  Learn how his interest in storms and tornados was spawned.  He explores this serious topic in an amusing and entertaining and manner, sharing interesting and surprising facts as he puts his own spin on things to keep...
What’s life like living in the Weeds and not the kind that grows on lawns
2021 Feb 0919m 19s
A brief discussion about the budding topic of Weed.  A drug/medicine/chemical that goes by many names from Kush to Bobo Bush.  Listen to Bruce's funny experiences with the Ganga, smoking in general and what he and Bill Clinton have in common.   Learn...
The wacky world of dating, ghosting and what's wrong with you?
2021 Feb 0221m 31s
Has dating really changed much?  The numerous qualities men and women look for in a partner and why Bruce thinks less is more.  What is ghosting and why does it happen so often?  And, what about Tinder and attractiveness.  Interesting dating...
Flat earth, Rumpology and other interesting beliefs
2021 Jan 2317m 57s
Believe it or not?  You won't believe what many earthlings believe in.  If you are curious and want to learn about some very interesting beliefs, Bruce will share some facts , figures and thoughts that will make you shake your head, but in which...
Who Am I and possible topics for my new show
2021 Jan 1925m 45s
In his 1st episode, you will learn about Bruce; gain insights into his interesting background and sense of humor; understand his goals for podcasting; and what types of topics topics he is looking to discuss in future episodes.