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A podcast done around a table ranking anything and everything. Contact us with what you want to hear ranked!


Ep. 34 - Top 5 Ways to Deliver Christmas Presents (for Santa Claus)
2020 Dec 2147m 9s
Santa asked the guys for some help this year! Santa needs ideas to deliver presents to the entire world because his Reindeer and Sleigh are broken and this episode is Josiah and Caleb's reply to him. They were more than willing to help and give Santa their Top 5 Rankings of other ways to deliver presents. Let us know what we missed on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube so we can let Santa know ASAP!
Ep. 33 - Top 5 Christmas Movies
2020 Dec 111h 34m 50s
Josiah and Caleb are joined by Kurt Morrison, host of The Top 5 Film Dive podcast, to rank their top 5 Christmas Movies of all time. This is a longer one and filled with "educational" tangents. We had a great time with Kurt and you need to go give Top 5 Film Dive a listen!
Ep. 32 - Top 5 Christmas Songs
2020 Dec 0450m 3s
It's Christmas time!! Caleb and Josiah are here to get you in the mood for Christmas as they sing their way through the Top 5 Christmas Songs (we apologize for their voices). Let us know your favorite Christmas on Instagram @roundtable_rankings or Twitter @RankingsRound. You can watch the episode on Youtube if you so dare to. Be sure to Subscribe, comment, and leave a rating! Have a great day!
Ep. 31 - Top 5 Worst Candies
2020 Nov 1043m 1s
Caleb and Josiah bring you the top 5 worst candies ever. A combined 45 years of candy tasting has been done to get you this episode. Let us know your least favorite candies! Subscribe and leave a rating and a review.
Episode 30 - Top 5 Scariest Movies (That we've seen)
2020 Oct 261h 13m 1s
Caleb, Josiah, and guest Hunter talk about the scariest movies they've seen and what made them scary, and Hunter may experience a haunt of his own.
Episode 29 - Top 5 Halloween Costumes 2020
2020 Oct 1352m 47s
When you dress up this year, you have to take into account what's been going on this year, so here the guys rank their ideas that have to do with this year's pop culture, many of which naturally can incorporate a  mask!
Episode 28 - Top 5 Characters We'd Sucker-punch
2020 Sep 3057m 20s
A new host joins Roundtable Rankings while Josiah is away for the week! He'll probably be sticking around with us too so welcome our new member! We talk about characters we'd like to punch and where we'd like to punch them!
Episode 27 - Top 5 NFL Players to Watch 2020
2020 Sep 0957m 45s
In this episode, the guys talk about what players they are most excited to watch in 2020, and how the California fires have affected them!
Episode 26 - Ranking Review, Offline Mobile Games
2020 Sep 0846m 32s
In this episode the guys try something a little different, they review someone else's ranking of offline mobile games!
Episode 25 - Top 5 Offline Mobile Games
2020 Sep 0149m 34s
The guys talk about their top 5 offline mobile games and talk about some experiences from the past week, one very strange, and one uplifting!