• Matt, Gia, Scott, and Shara
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Can you find joy and reason in the hard things of Life? Can we bring together emotions, logic, and faith? Absolutely. Join us as we walk through everyday topics and explore life through a Christian lens. We want to help you find joy in all walks of life even when it’s hard. Come alongside four parents, veterans, and friends, to find beauty in the midst of a broken world. Let us reason together and be joyful, even when we don’t want to or know how.


Kindness is the new religion
2021 Feb 2333m 41s
Is Christianity all about being kind? Aren't Christians supposed to be nice to everyone, regardless of their circumstance? Listen in as we talk about how the pernicious idea that Christianity is all about being kind is not only unBiblical, but is damaging to true Christianity. God hasn't called us to be doormats, but He hasn't called us to be rude jerks either. We discuss how being offensive just to be offensive is a sin, but also show how being easily offended is also a sin. Pull up a chair and join the conversation!
Education vs Indoctrination
2021 Feb 1842m 27s
In this episode, we get into the defining differences between an education vs indoctrination. We talk about what an education should look like from a Biblical perspective, while contrasting that with the prevailing methods of the day. We discuss how knowledge, as well as wisdom, should be understood from a Christian perspective, and issue a challenge: Which education style or system provides the most God honoring result?
Spiritual Programming
2021 Feb 0937m 35s
Pull up a chair and listen in as we talk about what discipleship looks like in a house full of kids! We examine the modern approach to discipleship  and see if it lines up with what Scripture says. Indoctrination and the myth of neutrality are also on the table as we hammer out these (and more) important parenting concepts. Some helpful books on these subjects: Family Driven Faith https://www.amazon.com/Family-Driven-Faith-Doing-Daughters/dp/1433528126 Shepherding a Child's Heart https://www.amazon.com/Shepherding-Childs-Heart-Tedd-Tripp/dp/0966378601/ 14 Gospel Principles https://www.amazon.com/Parenting-Gospel-Principles-Radically-Change/dp/1433551934/
Parental Controls
2021 Feb 0240m 49s
Parents of all backgrounds and beliefs struggle with the issue of self-control. In this episode, we dive into what self-control looks like for Christian parents, addressing heart issues instead of just behavior issues, and managing the expectations we have for our kids. We discuss some of our own failures in these areas, different methods for discipline, as well as why modeling self-control for our kids is vital. Pull up a chair and join the conversation!
Can I get a witness?
2021 Jan 2641m 48s
In this intimate episode, the four of us share our personal testimonies of how we grew up, how God drew us to Himself, and how our faith has developed over the years. Listen in to hear some of the amazing things God has done!
Couples Therapy
2021 Jan 2637m 11s
Join us for our inaugural episode where we talk about who we are, how we met, and what you can expect from the Joy + Reason Podcast!
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