• Maddie Jajko
4 episodes
Self-proclaimed comedian and aspiring marine biologist Maddie Jajko dives deep into her life of getting left on read. Follow along her experience of being out in the field and collecting data as she reports back with a new friend each week. She'll discuss a range of topics including sexless relationships, awkward hook ups, and the inner neurology of the male specimen. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/left-on-read/support


Ep 4: Freshman Year Cringe (Ft. Ian)
2021 Feb 2355m 43s
In this week’s episode Maddie has the first friend (and enemy) she made in college, Ian, on the show! This is the first time the two have hung out in five years. They discuss how they met, their friends with benefits relationship 5 years ago and how it all ended. They also both share some extremely cringe moments they experienced during their freshman year of college. They briefly talk about some lessons learned in college and life after being in a long-term relationship. Maddie ends the show by asking Ian a few hard hitting questions: Who would you rather have a threesome with? Hopefully you all got the same answers. Enjoy!!
Ep 3: Oat Titties & Vegan Ribs (Ft. Dory)
2021 Feb 161h 3m 58s
WARNING: this podcast contains a lot of wheezing. This week Maddie has her best friend Dory on the show! This episode goes down many different rabbit holes so try to keep up. They start their shift at the Chuckle Lab by catching up, explaining how they fill each other’s holes up, and exposing that Maddie would show anyone her nudes. Maddie then details her traffic jam antics and reveals an unconventional drink recipe. Dory also rates some of the weird shit men have said to Maddie in bed. Finally, the two reminisce on the lovely basement era and how someone tried to assassinate them for WHAT?? Enjoy cucks.
Ep 2: Slutty Ball Kicking Friends (Ft. Paige)
2021 Feb 0954m 53s
Maddie has her first guest of the show!! High school friend and old roommate Paige joins Left on Read this week. Maddie and Paige kick off the episode by talking about queefing, squirting, and their virginity stories.  Paige dives deep into her personal life, discussing her three-some phase which led to her realization that it was time to cut men out of the equation. Maddie and Paige also explain how they almost made $300 last year for an hour of the least sexual thing you could think of. They end the episode with a quick preview of Please Stay in the Drafts, but the tweet Paige chose would probably get the show canceled so it is going to stay in the drafts permanently. Enjoy!! #WeDemHoes
Ep 1: I'm an Imposter
2021 Feb 0229m 22s
Welcome to Left on Read! A comedy podcast hosted by Oregon State graduate, Maddie Jajko. Maddie prefaces this episode by explaining her difficulties with imposter syndrome, what imposter syndrome is, and how she deals with it. She then kicks off the podcast with a story of how she made $3 from a dick appointment and why that’s now the cover charge for her vagina. She also rants about why the number of people you’ve slept with really does not matter. Maddie ends the episode with a segment called “Please Stay in the Drafts” where she goes through her twitter drafts and explains one of her obscure drafted tweets. In this episode she will be explaining her Relationship Poop Theory and thank god that one never made it on to the TL. Hope you all enjoy!!
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